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9960 Village Place Boulevard
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Patient Centered Family Medicine & OMT

Dr. Andersonning’s desire to be able to incorporate the whole life cycle into treating the patient is what inspired her to focus on family medicine and create Patient-Centered Family Medicine and OMT. Her love for working with all ages and family sizes allows her to be able to engage in treatment plans for every aspect of a person’s health including preventative health, illnesses, and life changes and transitions that might affect their health. She believes that incorporating family dynamics into each treatment plan can make for a better outcome.

Patient Centered Family Medicine & OMT focuses on the functioning of your body to help you feel well. With her advanced knowledge of the neuromusculoskeletal system, Dr. Andersonning is able to determine the causes of body pains and aches. These skills have brought back day-to-day functioning for many people who had struggled or been considering surgical options based on the misunderstanding of their pain. Her health and treatment recommendations rely on evidence-based medicine, the patient’s values and desires, and the belief that our everyday choices to care for ourselves greatly impact our health and wellness.

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT) is an integral part of the practice. Dr. Andersonning sees how impactful OMT can be to a person’s function and overall enjoyment of life and believes that it is instrumental in being able to optimally treat each patient and help them achieve their health goals.
Although medications and Western medicine are essential to some treatment plans, it is best to make good choices in diet, sleep, and other non-pharmaceutical options before relying on medication. Dr. Andersonning is a firm believer in practicing healthy habits and lifestyle choices to optimize one’s health.

Whether it is her family or yours, Dr. Andersonning puts family first and wants to care for your entire family.